Matt’s video for “My Teeth, Your Lungs”


Once me and Shanna’s relationship started to get serious we would joke about having kids one day. I have asthma and Shanna’s teeth were always having problems. We would say that if we have kids hopefully they would have Shanna’s lungs and my teeth.

This song came to me pretty quickly. All the words are true. The verses explain some pretty cool times in our life together. I knew I wanted it to be a duet, but was afraid to ask Shanna to sing it. The only other time she’s been on one of my albums she played flute on the first song on ‘Souls’. I made her cry I stressed her out so much.

I played her the demo a few months ago and asked her if she’d sing it with me. She agreed. I put the demo of the song on her iPod and she listened to it all the time. When it came time to record the version that’s on the record she sang it like a pro. The only tears were happy tears this time. I think having the good vibes of Sean around helped.

I borrowed Ryan’s camera and shot the footage for this video back in March when we were in California. I took the photo that’s on the cover of the record on the same day.

I really do hope Clara likes The Weakerthans though.

No Color Anymore



Happy Independence Day. Our eighth song for the Undefeated project is now available. Colin wrote and sang this one. It’s up for free at or on Bandcamp. Help those who need it if you can.

“No Color Anymore”

Flying high above a schoolyard
A cotton cloth raised for a call
Tiny eyes are filled with the sky
And their hands cover their hearts

I wonder what’d be like
To be so innocent
Pledging to a nation
Run by greed and lead by sin

Cause I see stars and bars
They’ve got no color anymore
No color anymore

Burning brightly in a street where
We’ll stop to take a stand
So hold stead fast with your sisters
And take your brothers hand

Cause I see stars and bars
They’ve got no color anymore
No color anymore

Cause I see stars and bars
They’ve got no color anymore

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There are now seven songs for our “Undefeated” project, all available for free download at You can also download or stream them on Bandcamp here.

Help others if you can. That includes this big rock we all live on.