Undefeated #15 – Maxwell Stern – “7 or 8 Maybe”



Three years ago my friend Max came to Chicago to hang out and we recorded a couple songs. The one song we recorded ended up being rerecorded for the solo mini album he put out last year. The other one is here as part of our Undefeated series.

Marcus Nuccio came over and recorded the drums in one take. In typical Max fashion, he came up with a bunch of really great parts really fast. I don’t even think I was hungover the next day.

Please enjoy and share it if you’d like to. And please help those who need it. Even if that just means shoveling your neighbors sidewalk or high-fiving a stranger. Any little bit of kindness helps.

Download “7 or 8 Maybe”

Undefeated #14 – Kevin Ware – “I Need Reprieve”



Our old friend Kevin Ware came over a few nights ago and recorded his song “I Need Reprieve” for the Undefeated series. You can download it at undefeated.thegunshy.com.

As always, this song and all of the Undefeated songs are free to download, stream and share. All we ask is that you donate your time or money to those in need.

Also, we’re working on rerecording the Undefeated songs from year one. We’ve tightened them up a bit and will be releasing the new versions as an album when it’s complete. It will still be free and any streaming revenue will be donated.