The Undefeated Album



The “Undefeated” album will be available on Bandcamp, iTunes and streaming sites on Friday, July 27. The album includes rerecorded versions of ten songs written during the first year of the “Undefeated” project. The album will be free. We’ll be posting a link to order CDs soon, with all proceeds going to a few non-profits.

You can hear one of the songs, “Serve Not Leader”, below.

We used this album as a way to push ourselves past our comfort zones. We recorded some things in new ways. We tried singing better or different sometimes. We put a trombone throughout an entire song. We recorded, mixed and mastered it ourselves. We put Ryan’s ass on the cover. The goal wasn’t necessarily perfection in the “make a professional record” type of way. It was to better ourselves and find a way to sustain making records for a really long time. We’re going to keep trying. We hope the songs on this record will give you some motivation to keep trying too. The world needs kind, compassionate people as much as ever.

Happy Independence Day. If you have a couple minutes, please jam “Serve Not Leader” at high volume.

Matt, Andy, Ryan and Colin