Undefeated #11



Here’s a new Undefeated song. Maybe new isn’t the right word to describe it. The guts of this song were written ten years ago while I was writing There’s No Love In This War. I recorded a demo strumming a banjo pretty fast and didn’t like it enough to keep it for the record. When I thought about doing a ten year anniversary show for There’s No Love In This War, I came across the demo. I decided to take another stab at arranging it. The result is what’s here. It’s called “Ray”. Some songs need some time to stew before you can finish them. This one needed ten years.

If you’re near Chicago, I hope you’ll join us on December 6, at The Hideout as we celebrate There’s No Love In This War. Regardless of that, please help out those who need it. My grandfather fought for us, not the millionaires and billionaires. Click here for tickets.


I haven’t a lot to say
All we do is wait
I’m the sergeant
Of the guard again today

They took Ray to England
So maybe he can make
The trip, though his strength
Will never be the same

He is a good friend
I’d venture to call him the best
Soon you’ll see Massachusetts
In the fall when the leaves turn red
That’s when he says is the best time to visit

Though it’s quiet you flinch
When you hear an accident
Like they lied
And it’s still not over yet

Then you smile and swear
At anyone who is there
A halfhearted chuckle you share

No more of my time
Will I spend in those old dives
Though I’ll go if dad would like
As he’s told on careless nights
I’m not the same guy

They will remain
Good friends of mine
And I’d like to see them
From time to time
But with all that I’ve seen
And all that I’ve tasted
In the days since our concerns
Were feeble kind
I don’t need to be wasted anymore
To occupy my time

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